EMC engineering

EMC Engineering

EMC is one of the key factors for product quality and product safety.
EMC solutions must be future-proof.

The ever-increasing integration density of components and circuits, extremely compact construction of vehicles and devices, fast switching times and increasing clock frequencies, increasing networking of systems with wireless LAN, Bluetooth, CAN bus, etc. and the rapid increase in interference sources, such as Mobile communications, relentlessly reveal weaknesses in the product. With the necessary experience, we systematically investigate the weaknesses and improve them sustainably.

We offer you a wide range of measurement options and well-founded know-how for the EMC of railway components, image processing, power tools, vehicle electronics, small motors, process control technology, control technology, weighing technology, and much more. EMC engineering from the idea to series production – we cover the entire subject area for. 
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Together with Porsche Engineering, we offer you the right EMC performance. Whether troubleshooting or development support. We are at your side with experience and modern measurement technology.


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