KRIWAN Testzentrum and Forum Brandrauchprävention e.V. extend cooperation for Q-Label

The Q-Label is a trademark registered by the Forum Brandrauchprävention e.V. for the identification of smoke detectors. The quality mark requires the CE mark. For consumers, it represents a safe orientation aid as to which smoke detector is of good quality.

Uniform criteria and independent testing of smoke detectors by an accredited testing institute make the label a unique seal of quality for smoke detectors.

KRIWAN Testzentrum has been a reliable partner here since the beginning. This cooperation was confirmed in November 2020 with a new certificate.

A Q label ensures safety and quality. The “Q” in no way replaces the European product standard DIN 14604, which is required for the CE mark. The “Q” supplements it with regard to criteria that are not required by EN 14604.

The benefit for the user is shown, among other things, by a permanently installed battery with a service life of at least 10 years. Likewise in the reduction of false alarms by:

  • increased protection against penetration of foreign bodies into the smoke measurement chamber,
  • increased resistance against damage caused by humid room climate, corrosion and temperature changes as well as electromagnetic radiation,
  • improved electronics and self-monitoring,
  • increased stability of the detector’s housing and components.

The initiative has already achieved a great deal of good: Smoke detector legislation has been introduced in all German states. The number of fire deaths has been cut in half since the initiative began its educational work in 2000. But that’s not enough. The quality of smoke alarms has been improved through the Q label. Fire safety education, information on how to avoid fires and instructions on how to behave in the event of a fire are also part of the initiative’s tasks – as is accompanying the implementation of laws in the federal states with educational measures.

As an independent testing institute, KRIWAN Testzentrum is available to all manufacturers and distributors with its experts and accredited testing facilities. Do you need CE and “Q” for smoke alarms? Then talk to us. We offer you the necessary service.

The certificate as download Q-Label